Noah Barr

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Noah Barr

Therapy Assistant
I am a native of West Des Moines, Iowa, where I grew up alongside my three younger brothers, immersed in sports and activities. My journey led me through Valley High School, where my passion for leadership and service began to flourish. Excelling in academics and athletics, I earned a scholarship to play football while also dedicating myself to student government and ROTC training across three esteemed institutions: Drake, Iowa State, and Grand View University.

Following my academic pursuits, I embarked on a new chapter, when I married my now wife Claudia. In a short time our journey expanded with the arrival of our daughter Eni, infusing our lives with the humble titles of Mom and Dad.

My commitment to service extends to my career, where I serve as a commissioned officer in the US Army, leading with distinction as a Platoon Leader in the Iowa National Guard. Transitioning from sales in medical and software industries, I eagerly embrace the challenges of my role at Asuta Health, poised to make a meaningful impact on yet another frontier.

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