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Regional Manager
Hi, my name is Melanie Dotson and I have been working for Dr. Ole at Asuta Health as the office manager, assistant, and weight loss coach for five years. My life started in a small town in Germany, where as a teenager, I grew a passion for helping people. When I graduated high school, I pursued a career in nursing, where I soon became a pediatric nurse for six years prior to moving to the United States. After having my son, I changed my focus to retail, where for seventeen years, I excelled in customer service. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when I found my calling. I started receiving care for ongoing back pain. After a year of adjustments, the results were unbelievable. My spine was properly aligned, my back and shoulder pain was almost gone, and my overall health had improved. I found myself having more energy while being in a better emotional and spiritual state.

This to me was a miracle that I had to share. I applied for the job at Asuta Health and was hired in July of 2018. I quickly started growing my knowledge in chiropractic care, wellness and neuropathy. This passion has allowed me to help people find a better path to health and wellness. By helping patients improving their quality of life and being their best self, it allows for permanent results without being miserable in the process. I have been receiving chiropractic care now for five years and my life has changed. I now enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling the country, or just sitting in front of the fire place with a good book.

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