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What Our Clients Says

We offer cutting edge technology that can alleviate your neuropathy symptoms without surgery or harmful medications. Contact us to know more about the neuropathic treatments.

Julie - Peripheral Neuropathy - Pain 11/10 down to barely anything in 3 months!

Julie's journey through peripheral neuropathy, experiencing a remarkable reduction in pain from an 11/10 to barely noticeable within just 3 months, showcases the transformative impact of our dedicated care.

Cathy - Peripheral Neuropathy - unable to shop, do her hobbies, or anything..."I have my life back"

Cathy's liberation from the grip of peripheral neuropathy, once rendering her unable to engage in daily activities or pursue her hobbies, echoes in her triumphant declaration: 'I have my life back'.

Tammy - Peripheral Neuropathy - 3-4 months no longer cramps keeping up at night!

Tammy's journey through peripheral neuropathy is marked by relief, as the cramps that once plagued her nights are now a thing of the past after just 3-4 months. Our dedicated approach to care ensures that individuals like Tammy can find comfort and rest, reclaiming peaceful nights and revitalizing their days.

Carol - Peripheral Neuropathy - lots of pain and no sleep, now sleeping through the night!

Carol's journey through peripheral neuropathy, once marked by pain and sleepless nights, has been transformed as she now enjoys uninterrupted sleep through the night. Our personalized care approach addresses the root causes, bringing relief and restoring comfort. Carol's story reflects the power of comprehensive treatment, allowing individuals to reclaim their rest and vitality.

Shane - Peripheral Neuropathy - couldn't feel feet, in just 3 months more confident on feet!

Shane's journey through peripheral neuropathy, transitioning from an inability to feel his feet to newfound confidence in just 3 months, showcases the rapid progress possible with our dedicated care approach.

Dan - Peripheral Neuropathy - turned away by 3 major hospitals in the area b/c nothing could be done

Dan's resilience in the face of peripheral neuropathy, despite being turned away by three major hospitals due to perceived limitations in treatment options, underscores the importance of perseverance and seeking alternative avenues for care.

John - Peripheral Neuropathy - just 3 months no feeling to walking better with improved sensation!

John's rapid progress through peripheral neuropathy, transitioning from a lack of sensation to walking with improved feeling in just 3 months, exemplifies the transformative potential of our comprehensive care approach.

Casey's Neuropathy, numbness and tingling, in his hands has gotten SO MUCH BETTER!!

Casey's journey through neuropathy, marked by numbness and tingling in his hands, has seen remarkable improvement. His progress serves as a testament to the transformative impact of personalized treatment, empowering individuals to reclaim their quality of life.

Janice | Central Iowa Neuropathy

Janice finds renewed hope and comfort at Central Iowa Neuropathy. With Janice's well-being at the forefront, we're committed to restoring her vitality and empowering her to embrace each day with confidence and joy.

Denny | Central Iowa Neuropathy

Denny's journey at Central Iowa Neuropathy embodies our commitment to transformative care. Through personalized attention and innovative treatments, we empower Denny to overcome neuropathic challenges and rediscover a life of comfort and vitality.
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