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What Our Clients Says

We offer cutting edge technology that can alleviate your neuropathy symptoms without surgery or harmful medications. Contact us to know more about the neuropathic treatments.

Craig - Peripheral Neuropathy - told by Mayo clinic to live with it, now running 2-3 miles!!

Craig defied the odds of peripheral neuropathy, once told by Mayo Clinic to accept his condition, now conquering miles with each stride. Our tailored approach shatters limitations, empowering Craig to embrace a life of vitality and activity, leaving neuropathy in his wake.

Teresa - Peripheral Neuropathy - feeling such great changes in just a week of care!!

Teresa has peripheral Neuropathy.
She wanted to share how after just a week of following our program she has seen a change in the way she has been feeling.
She is all smiles because even the smallest change for the better has made her so happy. Well done Teresa.
You are the reason we are here.
Keep working towards an optimal life!!

Mary - Peripheral Neuropathy - she can now hold her grandbaby!

After following our 90day care program @Central Iowa Neuropathy - Dr. Ole Olson , she is all smiles as she can now play with and hold the most precious thing in her life...her granddaughter! Great job with all your hard work and dedication Mary, patients like you are why we do what we do!

Troy - Peripheral Neuropathy - hits an awesome mile marker in his wellness journey!!

Troy's triumph: Overcoming peripheral neuropathy and reaching a remarkable milestone in his wellness journey! Hear his inspiring story now!

Jim-Has Peripheral Neuropathy- completed 90day care plan & wants to share how much better he feels!

Jim's journey: From peripheral neuropathy to renewed vitality! Discover how his 90-day care plan transformed his life!

Verlin- Peripheral Neuropathy patient smiling because he can feel more and work on his feet again!

Verlin's joy: Rediscovering sensation and reclaiming his ability to work on his feet with ease! Hear his heartwarming journey toward overcoming peripheral neuropathy!

Stephanie - Peripheral Neuropathy - Can ride her motorcycle again!!

Stephanie's victory: Defeating peripheral neuropathy and reclaiming the thrill of riding her motorcycle once more! Hear her inspiring journey to freedom and mobility!

Central Iowa Neuropathy

Central Iowa Neuropathy provides compassionate care and innovative treatments for individuals facing the challenges of neuropathic conditions, ensuring personalized attention and comprehensive support for every patient on their journey toward improved quality of life.

Virginia - No more pains or falls

Virginia - Where pain is a thing of the past and falls are a distant memory. Our commitment is to empower individuals to live their fullest lives, free from discomfort and the fear of injury, through expert care, proactive prevention, and personalized wellness solutions.

Carol - No more pain or sleepless nights!

Carol - Restoring comfort and restoring sleep, because everyone deserves nights filled with peace and mornings free from pain. Our mission is to provide effective relief and support so that every individual can embrace each day with vitality and joy.
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