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Happy Patients!


The staff was very informative and walked me through each test they were performing. Answered any questions that I had and made me feel that my concerns mattered. Great customer service and appreciated feeling like a patient/client versus just another number. Wonderful team of folks there! Thank you

Elaine Evans


Granted this was my 1st visit, but I can only hope any future visit will be similar. My experience was great. The staff I worked with was so kind and seemed like they really care about the health status of their patients. Testing was explained (the why, how and best/worse case scenario outcomes), treatment was explained (what the experience will be like and what can be expected afterwards), and details were provided about what can be expected from future visits.. All-in-all I give my 1st visit a definite 5!!
Kimberly Lair Bush


Dr. Ole and his staff are so friendly and very flexible. As for the Chiropractic care and the health benefits – within a month and a half of regular attendance, every consistent soreness I came in with was gone, not to bother me consistently again. Love this office and their workers and all they do for us, highly recommend you check them out, and try their care routine!! Can’t recommend them enough! 🙂

Johnathan Blauw

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