Is Diabetic Neuropathy Reversal Possible?

One of the most common complications among patients with diabetes is nerve damage. Those suffering from damaged nerves due to diabetes will likely experience neuropathy in the feet, toes, legs, and/or arms. This pain can range from slight numbness to severe sharp pain and can hinder one’s everyday responsibilities and activities. If you are suffering from nerve pain as a result of diabetes, you might find yourself wondering, “Is diabetic neuropathy reversal possible?” Today, we will answer this question and discuss possible options for treating diabetic neuropathy.

diabetic neuropathy reversal

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is damage to the nerves that is caused by diabetes. Many doctors believe that high blood sugar is linked to nerve damage and is likely to be present in many patients with diabetes over time.

Common symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include:

  • Numbness and tingling in the feet or hands.
  • Burning, stabbing, or shooting pain in affected areas.
  • Loss of balance and coordination.
  • Muscle weakness, especially in the feet.

How Can Diabetic Neuropathy Be Prevented?

While those who have been diagnosed with diabetes are at a high risk of experiencing diabetic neuropathy as a result of their condition, many doctors believe that there are some ways to reduce the risk of developing nerve pain over time.

A few ways to prevent severe diabetic neuropathy include:

  • Lowering your blood sugar
  • Treating nerve pain
  • Regularly checking your feet to ensure they are free of injury, wounds, or infection.

Can Diabetic Neuropathy Be Reversed?

Luckily for those suffering from neuropathy due to diabetes, evidence suggests that damaged nerves can heal. 

At Asuta Health, we offer innovative neuropathy treatment with four main goals:

  1. Optimize the environment within the body for nerve healing.
  2. Increase blood flow to the nerves.
  3. Stimulate the damaged nerves (small fiber, large diameter, or motor nerves) to reduce pain and improve balance.
  4. Decrease brain-based pain.

Our exclusive treatment system increases blood flow to the nerves in the feet and hands, which helps to rejuvenate nerves naturally and has returned many of our patient’s feet and hands to normal. No surgery. No addictive medications.  

Treating Nerve Pain at Asuta Health

As one of the nation’s top neuropathy treatment centers, our innovative, top-rated treatments aim to treat nerve pain at the source, repairing damaged nerves by providing the optimal environment for them to heal and stimulating damaged nerves until the pain is decreased. 

If you are suffering from nerve pain, don’t wait to find a treatment that is right for you; visit the experts at Asuta Health and treat your pain once and for all, so you can return to your everyday life, free from pain. Contact us today to learn more about our diabetic neuropathy treatments or to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team!

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